Launceston Technical College, School of Art;
Tasmanian College of Advanced Education,

Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, 1974-75
and 1980-81.

Fellow-in-Printmaking, Exeter College of Art and Design, Devon, England, 1983-84. 
Artists-in-Residence, Soulisquoy

Printmaking Workshop, Kirkwall, Orkney, 1993.

Part-time Lecturer in Printmaking, Launceston College of Technical and Further Education,

Held over 25 solo exhibitions between 1974 and 2011, largely in Tasmania, also The Netherlands and Orkney, Scotland.
Participated in 30 group exhibitions in Australia, Japan, America and U.K.

Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery;
Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery;

Regional galleries; Artbank, Sydney;
Fuiji Keori, Japan;

Exeter College of Art & Design;
Private collections, U.S.A., U.K.; The Netherlands.

Artists and Galleries of Australia and New Zealand. Lansdowne Editions. 1979
Directory of Tasmanian Artists of the Twentieth Century. Pandani Press. 1988

“Island landscapes have had a profound influence on her work.

The closeness of the sea and its edges, journeys and vessels combine to create poetic statements of great technical mastery… The artist’s distinctive use of curved lines, often referencing boat shapes can be seen in much of her work, along with simple bowl forms.  Both forms are non-threatening, still and reflective, quietly throwing the challenge of a bowl as a receptacle for sustenance or an offering.  Figures are implied rather than shown, just as mythical keepers of lighthouses guide boats to safety.  Boats cannot travel without oarsmen, bowls need providers and receivers, and the bowl casts a shadow as the sundial informs time.  Denise’s paintings are unsigned, like the unknown craftsman the paintings must speak for themselves”.

- Yvonne Adkins, Associate Curator of Fine Art, Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, Launceston.  2006